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What we do

The cardio addiction is real

If you have bounced with us at one of our studios, you know how dangerously addictive our classes are. If you are brand new to Fit Forte, Welcome to the family! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Rebounding has its benefits

Real benefits + Results

There are many scientifically proven benefits to rebounding.

• Improves posture and body alignment
• HUGE Calorie Burn!
• Lymphatic drainage (Bye Bye Toxins... Hello Youth)
• Improved core strength and stability
• Improves overall balance and agility
• Significantly less impact on your joints and muscles
• Aerobic exercise without the sore knees and jarring on the skeletal system
• Strengthens the Pelvic Floor. (If you have birthed children, you know why this is important)
• Helps increase your body’s metabolic rate and its ability to burn calories more efficiently
• Time matters (10 minutes of rebounding is as effective as 30 minutes of running)

customer testimonials

"Barre Forte is hands down the best barre and Bar(re)bound is the best cardio workout I have ever done. I am so excited that they created Fit Forte and are taking the bounce classes online."

- Helen M.

customer testimonials

"As a fitness professional myself, I must give credit where credit is due. Amazing workout."

- Pam L.

customer testimonials

"Absolutely addicting, I love this workout and all the instructors."

- Holly R.

customer testimonials

"I Purchased one month of unlimited bounce classes when I was in Denver visiting my daughter after she had a baby. I went back to DC 11lbs lighter and felt amazing! Love this workout and am so excited to bounce online."

- Nelly P.

customer testimonials

"One word... AMAZING!"

- Stephanie K.
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This is not your mother's 1980's fitness vidoes.

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Taking Fitness to new HEIGHTS

Fit Forte Instructors
Fit Forte Trampoline
Fit Forte Colorado

JumpSport Trampolines are the way to go.

Bouncing on the best.

We recommend jumping on a Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 350 or higher. Why? Because  quality is important and they are simply built the best. Don't have a rebounder yet? No worries, use our link to buy your own JumpSport Fitness® Trampoline.

Start Bouncing
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Our Talented Fitness gurus


Each and every one of our instructors comes fully equipped with the necessary tools and certifications to deliver you insanely fun, safe, effective workouts EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado
Fit Forte Colorado

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